The Navy conducted reception firings for the new TP47 torpedo on 31.10. on the Archipelago Sea. The missile boats PGG Pori and PGG Hamina of the Hamina-class carried out the first firing with the new torpedo model.

The TP47 delivered by Saab Dynamics is an updated version of the TP45 torpedo type. The TP47 and TP45 torpedoes are of the same size, which enables the use of M/20 torpedo launchers for both torpedo models. The torpedo launchers were installed on the Hamina-class missile boats as part of their renovation.

The Hamina-class missile boats were equipped with a torpedo system as part of an ongoing renovation, and the system was put into service with TP45 torpedoes in 2020.

The propulsion, power source and targeting systems of the TP-47 torpedo have been modernized to take into account the corresponding parts of the TP45 torpedo. Thanks to the development work, the torpedo is almost silent and, compared to its predecessor, faster, more controllable and more advanced in reaching the set target.

The TP47 is especially intended for repelling submarines, but the torpedo can also be used to affect surface-going vessels. The torpedo can independently seek out and seek out underwater targets by changing its depth, speed and direction. It has been designed to work in the archipelago conditions of the Baltic Sea and in shallow water.

The same torpedo system will also be installed on the Navy’s future Pohjanmaa-class corvettes.