A great satisfaction today at our Riva Trigoso site for the delivery of the frigate “Emilio Bianchi”, the last in a series of 10 FREMM units commissioned by the Military Navy as part of the Italian-French international cooperation agreement, with the coordination of OCCAR.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Military Navy, Admiral of the Squad Enrico Credendino, received by our President Claudio Graziano and our Director General of the Military Ship Division Dario Deste. Among others, the President of the Regional Council Gianmarco Medusei and the Director of OCCAR Joachim Sucker also participated.

The unit, characterized by the high employment flexibility common to other FREMM, will be delivered in 2025.

Thanks to all those who have put their passion and expertise into the realization of FREMM Emilio Bianchi, an integral part of the most important joint initiative developed among European industries.

Enthusiasm, innovation and cooperation: this is how we bring on board the state of the art of Italian and European defense.