On 3 November, after setting sail from Nouméa, the Australian frigate HMAS Brisbane carried out an exercise with a Falcon 200 Gardian from the 25F Flotilla Detachment and the Dauphin from the 34F Flotilla Detachment of the Surveillance Frigate (FS) Vendémiaire, aiming to develop the operational capabilities of the two navies.

During an anti-aircraft exercise, the Falcon 200 Guardian used its radar and various sensors to locate and recognize the Australian frigate HMAS Brisbane . He then simulated several aerial attacks to train the Australian combat vessel this time in anti-aircraft defence . This training culminated in an above-surface warfare exercise during which the Falcon 200 Guardian guided HMAS Brisbane to help her locate a fictitious enemy ship and enable her to engage it with her anti-ship missiles.

The Dauphin helicopter carried out a landing session on the deck of the Australian ship to perfect the common operational procedures and the interoperability necessary for these sensitive maneuvers at sea, requiring a high level of technical expertise.

FANC units regularly participate in training to maintain interoperability with allied and partner navies in the Indo-Pacific zone. This sequence testifies in particular to the dynamism of Franco-Australian bilateral military relations, at the service of security and stability in the region.