The Northern Coasts 2023 naval maneuver will take place from 9 to 23 September 2023 off and on the coasts of Latvia and Estonia, as well as in the eastern and central parts of the Baltic Sea. Preparations are in the final stages.

During the Northern Coasts (NOCO) series of exercises, the German Navy is practicing cooperation with partners in the Baltic Sea region to protect the important sea area. A total of 14 nations are participating. With about 3,200 soldiers, 30 ships and submarines, up to 15 aircraft and various land units, it is one of the largest naval maneuvers in the region.

Flotilla Admiral Stephan Haisch, Commander of the Exercises and Deputy Commander of DEU MARFORGerman Maritime Forces: “With NOCO 23, we are taking a huge step towards the full operational readiness of our staff DEU MARFORGerman Maritime Forces in Rostock. It is also the first time that we have been DEU MARFORGerman Maritime Forces plan and conduct a maneuver of such magnitude. For the first time since the premiere of the maneuver in 2007, a realistic scenario is being practiced this year as part of the alliance’s defense. Another first is that a maneuver will be conducted by my staff and me from Rostock, although it will take place off the coasts and on the territory of Latvia and Estonia. We are ready with our expertise to take responsibility.”

Northern Coasts was launched in 2007 by the German Navy. It is the main exercise of the Inspector of the German Navy. Changing annually, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are responsible for the implementation. This year, Italy, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the USA and Germany are taking part in the exercise.