The main naval parade (GVMP-2023) will be held on the Day of the Russian Navy, July 30, in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. This was reported to TASS by sources close to the military department and the military-industrial complex.

“A fundamental decision has been made to hold the GVMP on July 30,” one of the agency’s interlocutors said. The second confirmed this information.

TASS has no official information on this matter.

On May 5, two sources in the defense industry and the military department told TASS that preparations for the GVMP-2023 had begun , but no final decision had been made at that time. Then, according to a TASS source, everything was at the stage of planning and determining the parade scenario, pending a final decision.

About the parade

The practice of holding the GVMP on Navy Day has been resumed since 2017. The parade of ships is held in the waters of the Neva River in St. Petersburg and the waters of the Great Kronstadt roadstead. It involves ships and submarines of all four fleets, as well as the Caspian Flotilla. The ceremony consists of sea and air parts. After the passage of the formation of ships over St. Petersburg, planes and helicopters of naval aviation fly.

In 2022, more than 40 ships, boats and submarines, as well as 42 aircraft and more than 3.5 thousand military personnel took part in the Main Navy Parade.

Navy Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of July in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 31, 2006. This year it will take place on July 30th.