On March 19th in La Guajira, the Colombian Navy will held a series of commemorative activities to celebrate the birth of Grand Admiral Padilla, the greatest Colombian naval hero.

More than 200 years after the creation of the Surface Fleet, the Colombian Navy celebrates this important date of formation of this main and essential component of the Naval Institution.

This strategic component in the development of operations against the different phenomena and instability factors, whose main roles are sovereignty and defense, as well as the protection of the Nation’s maritime interests, is currently made up of four flotillas located throughout the national territory in the Caribbean, Pacific, South and East of the country and has 86 sea and river vessels, manned by 2026 men and women.

In its 202-year history, it has consolidated successful achievements in the maritime and fluvial scenarios in compliance with the constitutional mandate through the development of maritime protection, surveillance and control operations, operations in the fight against transnational crimes, protection of human life in the sea, development operations and scientific research, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and logistical support, conservation and protection of the environment, including participation in the Colombian-Peruvian conflict, the Korean War, the largest multilateral operation against drug trafficking of the story “Orion Naval Campaign”, nine expeditions to Antarctica, support operations in the Horn of Africa, humanitarian support in Haiti and the reconstruction of Providencia in the Archipelago department, knowledge exchange exercises in the Unitas, Rimpac, Panamax, Solidarex operations without interruption, and with the ship ARC “Gloria” ambassadors of Colombia in the seas of the world taking the culture and traditions of the country to various countries with training cruises made through its 55 years of history.

Being a decisive, efficient and influential component at a national and global level, today the Naval Fleet or Surface Force is positioned with important high-impact projects for the country, such as the construction of the Strategic Surface Platform -PES by the Corporation of Science and Technology for the Development of the Maritime and Fluvial Naval Industry – COTECMAR in co-development with the Dutch firm DAMEN Shipyards Group, all of this within the framework of the 2042 Naval Development Plan.

The Colombian Navy continues to demonstrate efficiency and operational forcefulness, thanks to the strategic and tactical capabilities of surface units, achieving comprehensive development and humanitarian assistance to communities within the framework of the Unified Action of the State, as well as control of the sea ​​along the 589,560 km2 of maritime territory and the more than 18,000 km2 of navigable rivers.

Commemorative activities within the framework of the 202 years of the Bicentennial Fleet

On this anniversary of commemoration, different educational, military and Eucharistic events have been held in the national territory. In Cartagena the celebration could not be less, a solemn Eucharist and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque officially opened the activities for this anniversary of the Surface Force and the 202 years of the Bicentennial Fleet.

Subsequently, a discussion on the history, modernization and projection of the Surface Force was the educational space where different topics were discussed around the strategic importance and technological innovation of this weapon. Finally, a military ceremony was held in the presence of the Commander of the Colombian Navy, Admiral Francisco Hernando Cubides, who together with members of the naval command, civil and military authorities of the Colombian Caribbean, made different recognitions to the Surface Flotilla and its collaborators for their work with which they have allowed the strengthening and capacities of this component.

The Colombian Navy congratulates the men and women who proudly carry the surface badge, who with their sacrifice, mettle and tenacity strengthen the operation of the Naval Institution day by day.