Today at the facilities of the ARC “Bolívar” Naval Logistics Base, the affirmation ceremony of the Pavilion of the ARC “Simón Bolívar” marine scientific research vessel and the ARC “CTCIM Cristian Rangel Hernández” Fluvial Support Patrol Boat, units that strengthen the fluvial maritime protection and development capacities.

The ARC “Simón Bolívar”, the largest and most technologically complex ship built so far in Colombia, will begin operations in the first half of 2023, developing instruction and training of its marine scientific research capabilities in the Colombian Caribbean, using its technology state-of-the-art for the generation of key knowledge in decision-making for the protection of human life at sea, the preservation of ecosystems and the safety of navigation.

This Unit of 83 meters in length, 16 meters in width and a draft of 4.25 meters, has state-of-the-art equipment with all the standards to navigate to Antarctica, provide scientific support in operations to explore marine resources and take samples at depth. up to 7,000 meters to develop bathymetric surveys of deep, intermediate and superficial waters, as well as analysis of marine currents and physicochemical and atmospheric parameters.

For its part, the ARC Light Fluvial Support Patrol Boat “CTCIM Cristian Rangel Hernández” arrives to reinforce the mission of the Naval Institution in the Magdalena River, carrying out operations aimed at the protection of human life, logistical support for fluvial units, attention to the civilian population of the riparian areas and their tributaries; as well as support for carrying out missions aimed at humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

This unit, the third of its kind at the service of the Colombian Navy, which will be used for navigation in shallow rivers with a draft of one meter, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will allow it to carry out patrol and surveillance operations. , protection of fluvial scenarios, logistical support for the civilian population in areas of difficult access; It will also provide support to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, through the transportation of personnel and basic medical services.

In the ceremony that was presided over by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro Urrego, the incorporation of these ships to the Fleet of the Colombian Navy and the General Maritime Directorate was formalized, after their construction in the COTECMAR shipyards by Colombian hands. , which marks a milestone in the design and construction of the country’s shipyard industry, contributing significantly to its development and the economy of the region.

ARC Cristian Rangel Hernandez

The Colombian Navy in coordination with the General Maritime Directorate, the Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry -COTECMAR will continue to contribute with their human and technical capacities for the development of the Nation.