The commanders of Units and Divisions dependent on the Talcahuano Naval Garrison, the General Staff Officers and the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, together with the Flag Band, welcomed the ATF-66 tugboat “Galvarino” and its crew, which became jurisdictional dependency of the Second Naval Zone, in the port of Talcahuano, from where it will continue to operate together with the Units dependent on this Command in Chief.

Upon arrival at Pier 360 of the Naval Base, the Unit from Punta Arenas was received by the Commander in Chief of the Second Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Oscar Manzano, who stated that “the arrival of the tugboat “Galvarino” will allow the capabilities to be enhanced. operations of the Second Naval Zone, to fulfill the roles that the Navy has assigned to us, particularly in the naval and maritime spheres, ensuring the safeguarding of life at sea (…)”.

It should be noted that having a vessel with the characteristics of the “Galvarino” tugboat complements the capabilities of other Units such as the OPV patrol vessel “Piloto Pardo” to operate in jurisdictional oceanic waters, which includes a maritime search and rescue area of ​​500 one thousand square nautical miles.

“All the roles assigned to the “Galvarino” will contribute significantly to the mission of the Second Naval Zone and will provide greater flexibility to this operational Command,” added Rear Admiral Manzano.