This November 8, the LM “CASMA” commemorates the 43rd anniversary of its first hoisting of the National Pavilion, a milestone that occurred in Haifa, Israel, in 1979. On December 13 of that same year he arrived in the country to join the Institution and begin its operations, being subsequently settled since 1999 in Punta Arenas and begin to depend on the Third Naval Zone.

The LM “CASMA” receives its name in honor of the combat that occurred during the war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation in the port of Casma, fought by a division of the Chilean Squadron against a flotilla of enemy units in 1839.

Characterized by navigating in a complex geographical environment, with changing weather conditions – which mean a permanent risk in each of the navigations – the Unit, in its 43 years of existence, has managed to honor its motto “We are the Force”, demanding the maximum capabilities of its staff, and participating in the different areas of mission and institutional action, such as providing security in the southern waters of the country, protecting human life at sea and participating in search and rescue operations.

“Certain design features of the ship, such as its speed, have allowed the LM ‘CASMA’ to contribute during these 43 years of service in the Navy, not only as an effective arm of action in the field of defense, but also as an important tool to support our compatriots, linking isolated communities in our geography, supporting during disaster situations where others do not arrive and participating in rescue and rescue tasks, thus contributing to ensuring human life at sea,” said the Commander of the Unit, Commander of Frigate, José Sandino.

The particular camaraderie and support between each of the members of the crew are some of the transversal characteristics of its historical endowments. The narrow spaces of the Unit allow forging a unique cohesion and integration, which are enhanced by the tradition and patriotism that defines each member of the Institution and in particular those who have belonged and belong to the LM “CASMA”.

“I am in charge of supply and I am proud to have the opportunity to belong to this Combat Unit, where professionalism and camaraderie stand out,” said the 2nd Corporal (AB.) Carolina Cea, the first woman in the last 43 years, to integrate an endowment of the LM “CASMA”.