The main mission of the crew is to ensure the permanence of maritime safety while coastal pleasure and yachting traffic has become denser, during events such as the Cannes Film Festival or the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

As part of the action of the State at sea (AEM), many awareness-raising activities are also carried out on the water, and certain offences such as those related to anchoring in a restricted area (protection of posidonia meadows) are fined by a dedicated team of the Seine.

Between 02 and 06 June, a stopover in Ile Rousse was an opportunity to share during cross-visits with the sailors of the semaphore on the common work and the possibilities of always better coordination. In addition, local schools and colleges (defense classes) took advantage of the presence of the Seine in Corsican lands to discover this singular ship that is the BSAM.

From 06 to 09 June, the Seine will resume its patrol along the French coast, concentrating its activity around the fisheries police and environmental protection.
The Metropolitan Support and Assistance Building (BSAM) is a multipurpose unit designed to carry out several types of missions: force support (SNA escort, towing, tactical weapons rescue), safeguarding people and property (rescue, environmental protection, anti-pollution fighting), and maritime resources support (towing of equipment, anchoring and maintenance work, lifting of chests or wrecks, support for human diving) and takes part in police missions (projection and punctual interventions of special forces, fisheries police, sovereignty missions.