From May 8-12, about 2 thousand military personnel distributed in 11 ships, being a submarine, six helicopters, two fighters and an aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force participate in Operation “ADEREX”, held between the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Santos (SP).

The purpose of the operation is to raise the level of training of the naval and aeronaval assets of the Squadron and contribute to the operational and expeditionary capacity of the Force.

During the period, air operations will be carried out on board all ships, firing exercises with missiles, cannons and machine guns, launching torpedoes, defense actions against aircraft, submarines and other ships, transfer of light cargo and positioning at graduations, especially at close range.

Participating in the operation are the Multipurpose Airship “Atlântico”, the Frigates “Defensora”, “Constitution”, “Liberal”, “Independência”, “União” and “Rademaker”, Corvette “Julio de Noronha”, Submarine “Tikuna”, Submarine Rescue Ship “Guillobel”, and Patrol Vessel “Macaé”; the SH-16 Seahawk, AH-11B Wild Lynx, AH-15B Super Cougar and UH-12 Squirrel helicopters; the AF-1 Skyhawk fighters and the P-3AM Orion aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force. Operation ADEREX will be conducted by the Command of the 2nd Division of the Fleet.