The Naval Defense Exercise of Porto (INTERPORTEX-S/2022) ended today (20), held in the municipalities of Tramandaí, Imbé and Osório, on the North Coast of Gaucho (RS). The operation, coordinated by the Command of the 5th Naval District (Com5ºDN), involved the mobilization of 145 military personnel, 14 vehicles, nine vessels, a Patrol Ship, a UH-12 Aircraft (Squirrel) and two drones.

The purpose of the exercise, which began on October 17, is to train Military Organizations and the means subordinated to the Com5ºDN in the procedures for the occupation of sensitive points of port facilities, terminals and places of interest. The Captaincy of the Ports of Rio Grande do Sul, the 1st General Employment Helicopter Squadron of the South (EsqdHU-51), the Rio Grande Marine Corps Group (GptFNRG), the Patrol Ship (NPa) “Benevente” and the Port Authority Agency in Tramandaí (AgTramandai).

The launching of submarine exercise mines by the NPa “Benevente” aimed at establishing a maritime defense line in the vicinity of the monobuoys marked the beginning of the operation. Then, the installations of the Maritime Support Base (Trapiche) in the port area of ​​the Terminal Marítimo Almirante Soares Dutra (TEDUT) in Osório (RS) were occupied, as well as the valves located at the Tramandaí Lighthouse, with attention to the system associated with monobuoys, located in the maritime area of ​​that municipality.

On the occasion, reconnaissance flights were also carried out by the EsqdHU-51 aircraft. The GptFNRG Marine troops carried out activities to protect areas of interest with the effective occupation of the listed sensitive points. The AgTramandai military patrolled the region’s inland waters and the NPa “Benevente” remained with the Naval Patrol in the open sea, in the area of ​​the monobuoys.

During the entire exercise period, the military was tested in simulations with attempts to infiltrate and invade vulnerable places, demanding the use of preventive and repressive measures against agents that disturb public order. “The intention was to maintain the normality of port operations and the operation of the terminal, even under possible threats, guaranteeing the patrimonial security of the facilities and personnel, thus contributing to national security”, highlighted the Operation Commander, Corvette Captain Samuel Carone. Kings Pinto.