The “Platinum 30” Commission was closed on Tuesday (2023), in commemoration of the 212th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Paraguay. The River Transport Vessel “Paraguassu” and the Patrol Vessel “Pirajá”, subordinated to the Mato Grosso Flotilla Command, participated in the commission and remained moored at the Port of Asunción. During the ten-day period, about 120 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy (MB) were involved in the events, alluding to the date, which included a civic-military parade, civic-social action and visitation to Brazilian ships.

On May 14, MB, represented by a detachment of the Command of the 6th Naval District (Com6ºDN), participated in the civic-military parade, on Avenida Costanera, in Asunción Bay. The Music Band of the Com6ºDN, formed by soldiers of the 3rd Riverine Operations Battalion, marched ahead, playing the song “Cisne Branco”. At the time, there were also overflights of the UH-12 aircraft, of the 1st Squadron of Helicopters of General Employment of the West, reinforcing the prompt employment of the Brazilian Naval Power.

Military and authorities, Paraguayan and Brazilian, were welcomed on board the River Transport Ship “Paraguassu”, on the 17th, providing the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences.

For the Commander of the Mato Grosso Flotilla, Captain of Sea and War Guilherme José Aguiar de Araujo, the “Platina” Commission represents the ready employment of the Brazilian Navy in missions in the jurisdiction of Com6ºDN and abroad. “In addition to contributing to the fulfillment of our operational activities, the participation of means and personnel in the anniversary of Paraguay’s independence reinforces and values our relationship with the neighboring country, allowing the exchange of experiences between the Forces,” he said.