Continuing with the historic training trip abroad (VIEX 2023-2024), which has been traveling around the world, the sailing training ship B.A.P. “Unión” arrived on September 18 in Shanghai, China from Busan, Republic of Korea, thus completing the fifth landing point in the journey made by the cadets of the Peruvian Naval Academy.

In said city, the crew of the training ship will carry out, from September 18 to 22, a varied program of cultural, protocol and operational activities, which will begin with a press conference offered by its Commander, Captain José Luis Arce Corzo.

Likewise, the imposing ship will carry out an open-door activity to receive on board the visit of the Peruvian population and community residing in said country, who will have the opportunity to reconnect with the ancient national culture and export products.

The stay in Shanghai will also give rise to the organization of events to promote Peru’s trade and culture in the Asian country, including the celebration of a fashion show to showcase alpaca wool products and a seminar on Peruvian foods in which both local and Chinese chefs participated.