As part of the annual training program of the naval forces and with a view to the participation of the Peruvian Navy in the Multinational Exercise UNITAS – LXIV Colombia 2023, the General Command of Pacific Operations carried out intense training prior to the aforementioned international event in the central and southern area of the Peruvian sea, from May 31 to June 14, with the participation of naval, coast guard, submarine, and air units, marine infantry personnel, special operators, hydrographers, and cyber defense.

For this, more than 1,900 men and women were deployed under the command of the Commander of Task Force 80, Rear Admiral Mario Cacho Pella. Among the exercises carried out, the intermediate and advanced level stand out in the different areas of naval warfare, such as anti-surface warfare, anti-aircraft warfare, anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare and amphibious warfare, ending with a war game in which the naval resources strengthened your capabilities; Likewise, they carried out operations other than war, such as humanitarian assistance and response to disasters.

It should be noted that, in the month of July of this year, the Colombian National Navy will conduct the LXIV version of UNITAS 2023, the oldest naval event in the world that will coincide with the bicentennial of the aforementioned institution and where Peru will be represented by the missile frigate B.A.P. “Aguirre” and the multipurpose vessel B.A.P. “Pisco”, which will promote the presence of the Peruvian Navy on the international scene.

Likewise, it should be added that, at UNITAS-LXIV, the Navies of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, USA, France, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay will be present. , among others.