With the assistance of authorities and exhibitors of recognized prestige in the scientific community, on June 9 the symposium “World Oceans Day” was held, aboard the polar-capable oceanographic vessel B.A.P. “Carrasco”, an event that is part of the activities for the 120th anniversary of the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation.

On behalf of the Peruvian Navy, the Director General of Captaincies and Coast Guard, Vice Admiral Ernesto Colunge Pinto, expressed his gratitude to the exhibitors and stressed that this appointment is aimed at deepening the study of natural phenomena originating in the ocean. He also said that these studies and monitoring have been carried out by the B.A.P. “Carrasco”, a high-tech unit that is at the service of the national and international scientific community.

The first presentation was given by the Director of the Pacific International Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction, Dr. María del Pilar Cornejo de Grunauer, who addressed the theme “The El Niño Phenomenon in the XXI Century”. Then, the President of the IOC, Magister Ariel Hernán Troisi spoke on the “Contribution of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to the Management of Disaster Risks from the Ocean”.

Dr. Luis Icochea Salas, Professor of General and Fisheries Oceanography at the Universidad Agraria La Molina, addressed the topic “Oceanic dynamics of an oil spill in Peru and its consequences” and Magister Yessica Debo Montero presented the publication “Analysis of coastal marine sediments of central Peru”.

The Director of Hydrography and Navigation, Rear Admiral Carlos Guerrero Malpartida, at the closing of the event, stressed that this event will allow us to understand the role of natural phenomena that govern ocean-meteorological conditions, such as the El Niño phenomenon, which manifests itself with greater frequency, intensity and direct implications in the Peruvian sea.

Attending this meeting for the “World Oceans Day” were the Director General of Personnel, Vice Admiral Julio Cacho Morán; the Director General of Sovereignty, Boundaries and Antarctic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador María Velásquez Rivas-Plata and guests from universities and institutions linked to ocean sciences.