BAE Systems will continue to support the integration of various mission equipment, combat systems, and computer programs for the U.S. Navy’s Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) in Wallops Island, Virginia with a new $143 million, five-year contract. These mission-essential systems are used by sailors across the fleet for all current and future cruiser, destroyer, and amphibious ship modernization initiatives.

“Our work at Wallops Island supports SCSC’s mission to provide increased readiness and improved capability to the fleet,” said Lisa Hand, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Integrated Defense Solutions. “This effort is vital to our nation’s sailors in an increasingly challenging maritime environment.”

BAE Systems’ technical, engineering, and overall programmatic support for SCSC includes all major activities and engineering on the systems used for Surface Navy testing, training, and support of deployed surface combat systems, advanced systems under development, warfare systems integration, interoperability, and at-sea testing and exercises.