For nearly 110 days, the Naval Air Group (GAN) articulated around the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle was deployed as part of the ANTARES mission. The 3,000 French and allied soldiers making up this force were engaged in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. They demonstrated France’s ability to intervene with its partners to defend common interests.

By covering more than 28,000 nautical miles and after more than 2,000 aircraft launches, the GAN affirmed everywhere France’s attachment to respect for international law and freedom of navigation at sea. autonomous assessment of the situation of the armies in all the areas crossed. Finally, the numerous operational cooperation projects carried out with the armed forces of 23 nations[1] have enabled the strengthening of ties with our partners.

Initially, the GAN was deployed in the Mediterranean, from where it contributed to controlling the air-sea situation, by coordinating with the allied forces. From the central Mediterranean, the GAN took part in the reinforcement of the defensive and dissuasive posture of NATO on the Eastern flank by carrying out flights within the framework of AIR SHIELDING. Secondly, from the Eastern Mediterranean, the GAN took part in Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, in support of the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against Daesh. In a context where the war between Russia and Ukraine represents a major threat to stability and collective security, the presence of the GAN alongside its allies and partners testifies to France’s commitment to guaranteeing the stability of this region.

This commitment continued to the Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea and the northern Indian Ocean. In this other theater of operations, the GAN has contributed to securing the sea lanes, in conjunction with the French forces stationed in the region, the many partners in the area and also the multinational task forces . On this occasion, he was notably placed in support of the European operation ATALANTE, an operation to fight against piracy and illicit trafficking. In addition, the large-scale exercise VARUNA made it possible to underline the 25 years of the strategic partnership with India, in particular by integrating a frigate into the GAN and by carrying out numerous aerial combat exercises.

In addition, the support points of the French armies that are Djibouti or the French forces in the United Arab Emirates have notably enabled the GAN to carry out high-level bilateral and multinational interactions, at sea and in the air, as far as Singapore. , strengthening ties with our partners for joint operations.

The end of the ANTARES mission was marked by the participation of the GAN in ORION, a high-intensity exercise, both joint and multinational, based on a realistic scenario and a free confrontation of symmetrical forces. The GAN conducted several force projection actions to gain operational superiority, support first entry and support the bridgehead landed by the amphibious force.

A powerful message of solidarity and reassurance, Antares has once again contributed to strengthening the operational credibility of our Armed Forces.

Deployed far away, for a long time and with a crew, the carrier battle group has contributed to France’s independent assessment of the situation and to the strengthening of links with its major partners in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and more generally in the Indo-Pacific zone. During its ANTARES mission, the GAN demonstrated France’s commitment to these strategic areas of which it is bordering and sovereign and whose security issues it shares.

[1] Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Djibouti, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Oman, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Singapore, Turkey, USA