The binational PASSEX demonstrated the interoperability between the naval and air-naval units of the participating navies and the professionalism of their men and women.

In navigation – The exercise carried out in waters of national jurisdiction between the United States Navy and the Argentine Navy has come to an end. After two days of intense operational activity, the PASSEX “Gringo-Gaucho II” was successfully concluded.

With the aim of enhancing the level of training and articulating combined operations, both naval forces carried out a binational exercise of opportunity. In this context, last Thursday surface and naval units met at a meeting point located at mile 150.

On the part of the Argentine Navy, the destroyers ARA “Sarandí” and “La Argentina” were deployed; the corvettes ARA “Espora” and “Rosales”; the ocean patrol boats ARA “Storni”, ARA “Piedrabuena” and ARA “Contraalmirante Cordero”, Fennec helicopters of the First Aeronaval Helicopter Squadron and Sea King of the Second Aeronaval Helicopter Squadron, and Beechcraft B200 aircraft of the Naval Air Surveillance Squadron.

In the case of the United States Navy, the aircraft carrier USS “George Washington” participated with the embarked air group, made up of MH-60 helicopters and the F-35, F/A-18, EA-18 and E-2C aircraft; the destroyer USS “Porter” and the logistics ship USNS “John Lenthall.”

This exercise was witnessed and analyzed in detail by officials of the Ministry of Defense, a group headed by its Minister, Luis Petri. He was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Diana Mondino; the Ambassador of the United States to Argentina, Marc Stanley; the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Xavier Isaac, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Rear Admiral Carlos María Allievi; among others.