After the transport ARA “Canal Beagle” sponsored the icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irízar” on Sunday at the Ushuaia dock, the tasks of transshipment of specific cargo destined for the icebreaker began, to start the second stage of the Campaign Antarctic Summer 2022/23 (CAV 2022/23).

After this activity, both ships will head towards Antarctica. In the case of the ARA “Canal Beagle”, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Augusto José María Amaya, it will head north of the Antarctic Peninsula to resupply the Carlini Joint Antarctic Base; it will reopen and resupply the Chamber Base -temporary condition-; and will transfer cargo to the ARA “San Carlos Strait” notice to resupply the permanent joint Antarctic bases Esperanza, Petrel and San Martín.

During an estimated time of three weeks, the transport must comply with said itinerary and with the evacuation plan for classified Antarctic waste to return to Ushuaia and then go to Buenos Aires, in order to complete the necessary load for the icebreaker and the ARA “San Carlos Strait” can carry out the third stage of the CAV 2022/23.

In March, the three naval units of the Argentine Navy, which are under the operational control of the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR), will come together in Ushuaia in order to fulfill the objectives of the 119th Summer Antarctic Campaign.

Loading capacity

The transport ship, which set sail from Buenos Aires on January 14, arrived on Friday in the bay of Ushuaia, where it anchored waiting to be sponsored to the “Irízar” and begin the transfer of the necessary logistical supply material for the icebreaker to replenish to the joint Antarctic bases, which it plans to reach during the second stage of the CAV. The ARA “Canal Beagle” arrived in Ushuaia with cargo for the permanent bases Belgrano 2, Carlini, Esperanza, Marambio, Orcadas, Petrel and San Martín; and for the temporary bases Cámara, Deception, Melchior and Primavera.

In addition to the usual loads of fuel drums, food (fresh, dry and frozen), general cargo and work items, this campaign includes the necessary material for the construction of three multidisciplinary laboratories at the Esperanza, San Martín and Orcadas bases. In addition, as part of the CONAE Project, antennas are moved for installation at the Belgrano 2 Base.

In addition, continuing with the development plan of the Petrel Joint Antarctic Base, heavy road machinery (general-purpose trucks, backhoes and motor graders), fuel tanks and generators are transported. A self-propelled aluminum pontoon built at the Tandanor shipyard will be used to unload the materials, equipment and supplies for the reconstruction of Petrel, safely and quickly, which will simplify and streamline the logistics chain due to its load capacity. up to 20 tons.

This pontoon will also be used by the ARA “San Carlos Strait” advisory for logistics tasks.

Likewise, for the disembarkation of material at the Carlini and Cámara bases, three logistical amphibious vehicles and personnel belonging to the Amphibious Vehicle Battalion No. 1 (BIVH) will be used, who carried out specific training on the maneuvers to be carried out in the Antarctic continent, added to courses on fire fighting, damage control, abandonment and survival at sea, and preservation of the Antarctic environment.