The voyage “The Blue that unites us” aboard the ARC Training Ship “Gloria” of the Colombian Navy, reopens its doors to all visitors in a new destination, after visiting the United States, Portugal and Italy. This is Marseille, the second largest city in France, located on the Mediterranean coast, in the south of the country. In just the first hour, more than a thousand people had already entered the ship to tour its decks and enjoy samples of Colombian culture.

The reception, which was led by the Colombian Ambassador to France, Alfonso Prada, and the Chief of Staff of the Force Support of the Colombian Navy, Vice Admiral Harry Ernesto Reyna Niño, was also attended by other civil authorities and military personnel from both Colombia and France, and a large presence of Colombians who did not miss the opportunity to live the experience of getting to know the ARC Ship “Gloria”.

Cultural groups of Colombians in France arrived on the ship with everything ready to join this activity that makes Colombian hearts vibrate to the rhythm of cumbias and fandangos in European lands.

The stay of the ARC “Gloria” in this city will extend until next Wednesday, May 8, when the Flagship of Colombia will raise a commemorative sail, as the Sailboat “Belem” passes by, which arrives in France from Greece with the Olympic flame. for the Paris 2024 games.

During this voyage, the crew of the flagship witnessed the dedication and commitment of the students embarked during the training cruise, who had already completed all their academic activities, in which, in addition to acquiring new knowledge, they strengthened their work in equipment, discipline, courage, spirit and seamanship.

Regarding this, Captain César Alejandro Iregui Quevedo, commander of the ARC Training Ship “Gloria”, stated: “today they are students, but tomorrow they will be Officers, unit commanders, they must maintain traditions and be trained in the planning of all types of exercises”.

The Colombian Navy, through the ARC Training Ship “Gloria”, invites Colombians residing in France and all interested parties to visit, free of charge, during these four days in Marseille, the Colombian flagship.