On Monday morning, the logistics ship ARA “Patagonia” entered the dock No. 2 of the Puerto Belgrano Naval Arsenal (ARPB), where it will remain dry for a period of approximately 150 days, to comply with a series of repairs planned.

The maneuver was supervised by the Commander of Training and Enlistment of the Navy, Vice Admiral Juan Carlos Daniel Abbondanza, accompanied by the Commander of the Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Carlos María Allievi; the Chief of Maintenance and Arsenals of the Navy, Rear Admiral Néstor Darío Peretti; and the Amphibious and Logistics Naval Commander, Captain Eduardo Adrián Mayol.

The unit, dependent on the Naval Amphibious and Logistics Command, is under the command of Commander Juan Eduardo Acosta, who explained that “during this period, a series of general and particular works will be carried out on the unit, live works, structures and systems, to recover capacities”.

The tasks will be carried out in collaboration with the Tandanor shipyard and with resources from the National Defense Fund (FONDEF) destined for the recovery and modernization of material for the re-equipment of the Armed Forces.

The ARA “Patagonia” logistics vessel has an average crew of 165 personnel who will work together with ARPB personnel to comply with the established maintenance program.

“It is a task of magnitude, which will allow the Navy to recover logistical capabilities of the Sea Fleet. The process, due to its particularities, will have the monitoring and supervision of the Navy’s Maintenance and Arsenals Headquarters,” commented the Captain Acosta.

Once the dock work has been completed, the unit will continue with its readiness to carry out sea trials and comply with the annual personnel training plan.