This afternoon (May 27), from the Buenos Aires Naval Station, the frigate ARA “Libertad” said goodbye. The training ship released moorings to begin its 51st voyage where it will visit ten ports of foreign countries of the American continent, both on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

The 51st Instruction Trip will aim to complete the professional training of the Midshipmen in Commission belonging to the 152nd Promotions of the Naval Command Rank, 87th of the Marine Corps Rank, and 108th of the Professional Corps, Quartermaster of the Military Naval School.

The crew under the command of its Commander, Captain Gonzalo Horacio Nieto, is composed of 26 officers, 51 Midshipmen in Commission and 192 non-commissioned officers.

In addition, guest officers from training institutes of the Argentine Navy will sail; from other Armed Forces; and Security Forces. Likewise, officers from the Navies of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Italy, Peru, the United Mexican States, Paraguay and Portugal will participate throughout the trip; and the National Foreign Service Institute.

Present during the departure were the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Eduardo Antonio Traina; accompanied by the Director General of Education of the Navy, Rear Admiral Marcelo Cristian Tarapow and other naval authorities.

The itinerary will last 5 months, during which you will visit foreign ports in America. The journey will end on November 4 with its return to the city of Buenos Aires.

During the navigation the frigate ARA “Libertad” plans to visit the ports of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago), Baltimore (United States of America), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), Veracruz (United Mexican States), Limón (Costa Rica), Balboa (Panama), Guayaquil (Ecuador), El Callao (Peru), Valparaíso (Chile), Ushuaia (Argentina), Puerto Madryn (Argentina), ending its tour in Buenos Aires.