The Carrier Strike Group (GAN) is continuing the ANTARES mission which began on November 15, in close coordination with the naval forces of allied countries. This cooperation strengthens NATO’s ability to secure the approaches to Europe with a credible intervention force, able to intervene quickly from the high seas.

Since the start of the ANTARES mission, the GAN has been coordinating its operations and sharing its situational awareness with the other Allied air and sea forces present in the Mediterranean where three aircraft carriers are deployed there: the US Navy’s USS George HW Bush , the Cavour of the Italian Navy and the Charles De Gaulle of the French Navy.

In addition, during its integration phase, the GAN conducted a wrestling exercise above the surface. The purpose of this training was to reinforce the responsiveness of the air-maritime force to deal with all types of combat scenarios when faced with means of equivalent power.

In addition to the American, Greek and Italian escorts, integrated into the GAN since the start of the mission, a Greek attack submarine now reinforces the protection device around the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle . Liaison officers are thus integrated into the GAN’s on-board staff, allowing constant interconnection between all the units.

In addition, the Carrier Air Group conducted high-intensity air defense exercises with F16s and Rafales from the Greek Air Force as well as with Typhoon fighters from the Italian Air Force and aircraft embarked on the American aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush . This training sequence tested the ability to fight together to deal with targets on land, at sea and in the air. This type of exercise trains in multi-environment operations and illustrates the credibility of NATO’s deterrent and defensive posture.

Finally, on November 23, a Rafale patrol took part for the first time in the Air Shielding system placed under NATO control, in Romanian airspace. With its on-board aircraft, the GAN contributes to strengthening France’s strategic solidarity with its allies and partners.

The start of the ANTARES mission illustrates the high degree of interoperability of NATO allies in all environments, to guarantee the security of the Euro-Atlantic space.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a long-term one. It represents a major threat to the stability and security of Europe and the entire Mediterranean basin. France, a balancing power and leading military player, deploys its carrier battle group (GAN), alongside its allies and strategic partners in areas of major interest for France, Europe and NATO.