The Naval Foundry and Propeller Center continues to innovate as it executed the pouring of the largest non-ferrous ring in United States history on Thursday at its facility on the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Weighing in at 112.5 tons this casting is anticipated to greatly reduce manufacturing time and continue to bolster the organization’s ability to support the Navy’s challenging needs.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition Frederick J. Stefany and Dr. Brett Seidle, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development, Test, and Engineering were on hand to witness the record-breaking pour.

“We are well underway in Columbia-class production as evidenced by the large casting poured today at the Naval Foundry and Propeller Center for the Wisconsin (SSBN 827),” said Matthew Sermon, who is the Executive Director, Program Executive Office for Strategic Submarines, “This pour, at approximately 220,000 pounds, is the second largest type in NFPC’s history. Today’s pour was the result of NFPC’s casting process improvements and lessons learned from their pours for the District of Columbia (SSBN 826). These improvements have enabled NFPC to stay on the cutting edge of large non-ferrous castings.”

Located at 1701 Kitty Hawk Avenue at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the Naval Foundry and Propeller Center is a modern manufacturing facility that employs a highly skilled and versatile workforce of engineers, tradespeople, and support personnel.