Admiralty shipyards (part of the USC) launched the Mozhaisk submarine April 27th, the fifth in a series being built at the enterprise for the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Nikolai Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, congratulated the audience on a significant day – the next stage in the birth of another combat unit.

– Admiralty shipbuilders have already handed over more than one submarine of the project to the fleet. This is a brigade of submarines that is fighting for our Motherland, having formidable weapons – Caliber cruise missiles – on board, – said Nikolai Evmenov. – In 2021, the Volkhov and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky submarines were handed over, which through the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans came to the home base of the city of Vladivostok, where a month later they fired missiles with the main strike complex. Last year, the Magadan submarine arrived in Vladivostok by the Northern Sea Route as part of a detachment of warships, and this year it participated in a sudden inspection of the Pacific Fleet. Submarines of this project are a formidable weapon that cannot be written off.

The Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov thanked the Admiralty for their selfless work: “The oldest shipyard in Russia is successfully completing the construction of the second series of submarines of this project. The Navy liked this project, as they say, because of its excellent technical characteristics. This is one of the most successful developments of the domestic Central Design Bureau MT Rubin, which is recognized all over the world. “Mozhaisk” and other ships of this project are actually invisible – low noise and secretive. Any military person understands how important these qualities are for performing combat missions and strengthening the defense capability of our country. This project also implemented a number of other innovative solutions – the ships have improved characteristics of key weapons and life support systems. The submarine “Mozhaisk” will be handed over this year and will join the ranks of the Pacific Fleet. The work on it once again clearly demonstrates that our shipbuilders fulfill all obligations to fulfill the state defense order on time.”

Georgy Poltavchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of USC JSC, called today’s event another labor victory for the shipbuilders of the Admiralty Shipyards. “Mozhaysk is a unique boat, I am sure that it will have a great future. Our potential adversaries call it a “black hole”, and this is the most powerful compliment for its creators. We can say that this ship is the best illustration of Russia’s combat power, its real technological and scientific sovereignty.”

Andrei Veselov, General Director of the Admiralty Shipyards, stressed that after a few months of testing at the quay wall of the enterprise, the submarine will go to the Baltic Sea test sites in order to present its highest characteristics and parameters to the customer, the state commission: “I assure the High Command of the Russian Navy in that the submarine will be handed over to the customer on time.

Admiralty shipyards continue building the sixth submarine of the Yakutsk series. Currently, large-scale installation work is underway on it, preparations for docking block modules.

The Mozhaisk and Yakutsk submarines were laid down in pairs in August 2021 during a ceremony with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The construction of the Pacific series was a continuation of the long-term plan of the Russian Ministry of Defense to equip the country’s Navy.

Submarines of this project have a higher (compared to previous projects) combat effectiveness. The optimal combination of acoustic stealth and target detection range, the latest inertial navigation system, a modern automated information and control system, powerful high-speed torpedo-missile armament ensure the world priority for ships of this class in the field of non-nuclear submarine shipbuilding. Admiralty shipyards are the undisputed leader in the construction of submarines of this class, as well as provide their warranty and after-sales service.