From November 25 to December 8, 2022, the Kuwait Armed Forces and the French Forces stationed in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), reinforced by soldiers deployed from France, are taking part in the quadrennial joint exercise Pearl of the West 2022 .

On November 27, the La Fayette Aconit type frigate reached the territorial waters of Kuwait to take part in the Pearl of the West 2022 exercise , which is part of the defense cooperation agreement between France and Kuwait signed in 1991 and then renewed in 2009. During an operational break in Kuwait City, several rich interactions took place between the two nations. French and Kuwaiti sailors shared their know-how in the areas of safety and diving.

On 30 November, Aconit sailed with the Kuwaiti frigate TNC57 Istiglal to conduct a series of joint training at sea. Initially, the buildings conducted exercises in tactical maneuvering and replenishment at sea. Then, they operated in the field of anti-aircraft warfare with a mixed patrol of F18 fighters from the Kuwaiti armed forces and Rafale from the 1/7 Provence squadron, based in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU) simulating attacks on the strength at sea.

The two buildings then carried out training in the field of the fight against illicit trafficking with the dispatch of the inspection team. The day finally ended with night training in the fight against asymmetric threats.

The following day, an intervention team from Aconit was transferred by boat to the Kuwaiti frigate Istiglal to exchange know-how within the framework of a fire drill on board, also allowing the implementation of an echelon medical. Throughout the day, various exercises were conducted, including new anti-aircraft training involving 4 fighters this time: 2 F18 from Kuwait and 2 Rafale from the FFEAU.

The third day at sea was devoted to a sea rescue exercise ( search and rescue ) during which the ships coordinated to search for a shipwrecked person. The maritime phase of the Pearl of the West exercise finally concluded with a combat component above the surface with the assistance of a Caracal helicopter from the Kuwait Navy and anti-ship engagements. Throughout this mutual training, liaison officers embarked on each of the ships in order to share the experiences of each and to better understand the functioning and specificities of the two navies.

Building on 30 years of military cooperation, relations with Kuwait are further strengthened through this 2022 edition of Pearl of the West , which has improved interoperability between the two navies in multiple areas. It demonstrates France’s attachment, a reliable and credible partner, to the commitments made with Kuwait and illustrates the capacity for action and coordination of the two countries to act together in favor of regional security and stability.