Chilean Navy OPV Contramaestre Ortiz on Lighthouse Supply Mission

February 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – In order to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Fifth Naval Zone, during the second week of February, the General Services Patrol (PSG) “Contramaestre Ortiz” set sail for Guafo Island with the aim of carrying out the supply and relief work of the lighthouse of the area.

As specified by the Unit Commander, Lieutenant Commander Hardy Niklitschek, “in this commission, with the appropriate safeguards against the Covid-19 pandemic, we relieved the lighthouse crew made up of 5 lighthouse keepers after four months of isolation, and moved a little more than six tons of cargo between fuel, food, construction materials and gas cylinders, this with the purpose of ensuring an adequate quality of life of the crew and an optimal and permanent operation of the units and systems during the next four months ”.

As usual, the personnel were replaced by sea, while the cargo was disembarked with the support of an N-52 helicopter dependent on Grupo Aeronaval Puerto Montt.

Thus, the aircraft supported the transfer of cargo from the ship to the heliport of the lighthouse through VERTREP (Vertical Replenishment) maneuvers, making the most of the weather conditions.

Finally, and already on its way to the base port, the Chilean Navy Unit carried out fisheries inspection, seeking the conservation and care of the environment through the control of illegal fishing.