The personnel of the Arctic expeditionary ship group of the Northern Fleet worked out an episode of the exercise to protect the island zone and the sea coast on the archipelago of the Land of Franz Joseph.

During the exercise, two Ka-27 were raised from the side of a large anti-submarine ship, the head of the detachment of warships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet, who delivered to the coast of the island of the Land of Alexandra the archipelago of the Land of Franz-Joseph, the landing and assault groups of the Marines.

After the landing of the sea landing, which was carried out in the method at the emphasis of » from the side of the large landing ship Alexander Otrakovsky, units of the North Navy marines on the dual-use towing units DT-10P Vityaz marched to the designated area. Ship aviation provided air support for landing.

In the area of the exercise, the Marines, in collaboration with the personnel of the Northern Fleet tactical group deployed on the island of Alexandra Land, worked out elements of raiding actions in the Arctic, and also worked out a tactical exercise to block and destroy illegal armed groups with firing from regular small arms.

The Arctic expeditionary ship group of the Northern Fleet, under the command of the deputy commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Oleg Golubev, will continue to solve the problems of protecting Russia’s interests in the Arctic. Since the beginning of the hike, more than 2 thousand nautical miles have been traveled by ships and ships of the detachment, the press service of the Northern Fleet reports.

Photo: © Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences press service/TASS