FS Orion Conducts SURMINE Patrol

February 19, 2021 – The Orion Tripartite Mine Hunter was deployed from February 1 to 12 for a mission to monitor maritime approaches and secure the seabed along the French coast.

During these two weeks, the Orion investigated the approaches in the small and large roadsteads of Toulon, as well as in the bay of Hyères, to monitor the access / exit channels of Toulon. On this occasion, a rope mine float was slung and raised by 72 meters in the bay of Hyères, then moved out of the Port-Cros natural park to be destroyed between two waters and thereby preserve wildlife and underwater flora.

This counter-mining is the result of a joint operation: to intervene at this depth, the Orion has benefited from the assistance of divers from CMT Lyre , equipment from GPD MED and medical support from SMHEP.

The Orion also went to Port Vendres to conduct an ammunition removal project on a wreck dating from the Second World War, lying in 47m depth: the ” Alice Robert “.

Ten shells were thus removed from the wreckage and neutralized by the clearance divers from CMT Orion

Mine hunters regularly intervene in front of French ports of military and civilian interest to monitor their approaches, secure their funds and guarantee the free movement of military and commercial vessels.

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