Project 23120 Vsevolod Bobrov Prepares for Sea Trials

February 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – Shipbuilders of the Severnaya Verf (part of the USC) are preparing the logistics support vessel (STO) “Vsevolod Bobrov” of project 23120 for the factory sea trials. They are scheduled to take place in the Baltic Sea in March. In April, the acceptance team and sailors must proceed to state tests.

Now shipbuilders present to the factory quality control and military acceptance department the work of the main power plant in combination with integrated control systems, the work of cranes with maximum loads, other work in the amount of mooring certificates, and also transfer the ship’s property to the crew: documentation, office and living quarters, equipment, devices and tools. Currently, 104 mooring licenses (MS) have been closed, and 20 more are to be closed by the end of February.

Vsevolod Bobrov is the second ship of Project 23120 built at Severnaya Verf. The lead ship “Elbrus” joined the group of support vessels for the service of the auxiliary fleet of the joint strategic command of the Northern Fleet in 2018. In 2019, the Elbrus completed a 175-day circumnavigation of the world with Russian ships led by the frigate Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov.

Based on the results of the operation of the head order, project 23120 was finalized. In particular, the functionality of the deck has been increased, communication and navigation systems have been improved.

Logistics support vessel “Vsevolod Bobrov” of project 23120 is intended for the carriage of goods, towing, conducting hydrographic surveys, and rendering assistance to ships in distress. Thanks to crane equipment and a dynamic positioning system, the supplier can carry out loading operations at unequipped quay walls and in the open sea. Automation class A1 provides unattended service. The hull with ice class ARC4 is designed to overcome 0.6 m thick ice.

The vessel is named in honor of the famous football player and hockey player, Honored Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR, Olympic champion Vsevolod Mikhailovich Bobrov (01.12.1922 -01.07.1979), the only athlete in the history of the Olympic Games who was the captain of the country’s national team in both in another sport.

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