Indonesian & French Navy PASSEX in Sunda Strait

February 8, 2020 (Google Translation) – Three ships of the Indonesian Navy (KRI) held a joint exercise involving French warships passing through the Sunda Strait, Monday (08/02/2021).

The Passing Exercise (PASSEX) which was held was a form of supervision and security for ships from friendly countries passing through Indonesian waters, especially in the Indonesian Archipelago Sea Channel I (ALKI I) or the Malacca Strait Shipping Channel to exit the waters of national jurisdiction.

Commander of KRI Barakuda-633, Marine Major (P) Faisal Yanova Tanjung, SE, M.Tr.Opsla said the exercise involved 3 KRI and 2 French Warships, the ships namely KRI Barakuda-633, KRI Tenggiri-865, KRI Cakalang -852 and 2 French Warships FS Vendemiaire (Frigate) and FS Emeraude (Submarine).

In the Passex exercise, a series of Flashex (Flash Exercise), Flaghoist, Photoex (Photo Exercise) exercises were carried out by Mantak, ending with a farewell pass which then the French Warship continued its voyage.

Responding to the exercise, Commander of the Fleet Command (Pangkoarmada) I Rear Admiral TNI Abdul Rasyid K, SE, said, “This is done according to the TNI AL program. In addition to the supervisory and security functions, this training activity is a military diplomacy effort which is realized by holding joint exercises between friendly countries in accordance with the strategic policy of the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, SE, MM, “he explained.

“With conducted exercises passing exercise like this, in addition to maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia is expected to strengthen international relations, maintain and enhance the friendly relations between Indonesia and France in general, and the Navy-La Royale in particular, in maintaining stability in the region,” he concluded.

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