Vyazma Joins Admiral Kasatonov for Support

February 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – The medium sea tanker “Vyazma” will provide the actions of the frigate “Admiral of the Casatons Fleet” in the long voyage. A few days ago, the tanker entered the Mediterranean Sea across the Strait of Gibraltar and headed to meet with the frigate and rescue tug “Nikolai Chiker”.

The average naval tanker “Vyazma” is a regular participant in long-distance campaigns of the northern fleet’s surface forces. The vessel has a supply of fuel, fresh water and food, sufficient to provide a detachment of ships and ships for several months.

On board the tanker, in addition to the civilian crew, a group of Marines with weapons is placed to ensure the safety of the vessel, which is flying the flag of the auxiliary fleet of the Russian Navy.

In the Mediterranean Sea, the tanker “Vyazma” will make business visits to the ports of a number of seaside states.

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