ROK Navy to Develop an Autonomous Underwater MCM System

December 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Director Wang Jeong-hong) signed a contract with LIG Nex1 to develop an underwater autonomous mine probe system worth about 12 billion won.

The underwater autonomous mine searcher system development is a project to develop a domestic technology for an underwater robot that autonomously searches for mines installed in the sea using advanced technologies such as autonomous underwater driving and obstacle avoidance.

In the past, our military has used SONAR installed on ships operated by soldiers, such as minesweepers and mine searchers, or explosives handling personnel directly searching for mines with the naked eye. It took a long time and there was a great deal of concern about human injury.

As a result of continuous interest and efforts in the development of underwater robots to overcome this, an autonomous underwater mine probe that searches for mines using sonar and underwater ultrasonic cameras while autonomously driving for more than 20 hours in the sea at a depth of several hundred meters was developed in Korea. It can be developed with technology.

If the underwater autonomous mine searcher system developed this time is deployed in the Korean military, the time can be significantly reduced compared to the current air mine warfare (the navy’s military operation to search and remove mines) using ships or explosives handling personnel. In addition, it is possible to safely and efficiently conduct mine search operations without worrying about personal injury.

In addition, it is possible to monitor and reconnaissance underwater for the sea area expected to infiltrate special forces by enemy forces in case of emergency, and if necessary, it can be used for underwater search for marine accident rescue operations and for collecting marine information (submarine topographic information, etc.) .

The head of the unmanned business division of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (high-level civil servant Ho-jun Won) said, “By using an autonomous underwater mine search system developed with domestic technology to efficiently search for mines without human damage, our military’s ability to fight air mines will be improved. It is expected to contribute to the development of the defense industry and defense industry.”

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