Brazil Celebrates Sailor’s Day With Submarine Ceremonies

December 11, 2020 (Google Translation) – As part of the celebrations of the Day of the Sailor, celebrated on December 13, the Navy held, today (11), the ceremony “Day of the Sailor – PROSUB 2020”, in the Naval Complex of Itaguaí (RJ), with the presence of the President of Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, Minister of Defense, Army General Fernando Azevedo, Navy Commander, Squadron Admiral Ilques Barbosa Junior, President of Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN), André Portalis, and other authorities.

Moment of integration of the “Tonelero” Submarine

During the ceremony, the “Humaitá” submarine was baptized and launched into the sea; the integration of the sections of the “Tonelero” Submarine; and the preparation, for the delivery to the Navy operating sector, of the Submarine “Riachuelo”, the first of the Submarine Development Program (PROSUB), already launched and currently undergoing final sea tests.

Submarine “Humaitá” is baptized by the wife of the Minister of  Defense, Adelaide Chaves Azevedo e Silva

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, during his speech, highlighted the improvement of the Navy readiness. “We are witnessing this feat of our Naval Force, which, inspired by the legacy of Tamandaré, conducts PROSUB, designed with the purpose of strengthening the Naval Power and contributing to the strengthening of the National Defense Structure. I commend the honorable and uninterrupted work of each of you who serve with fearlessness and determination in the military organizations of our Navy ”. The President ended his words by thanking and congratulating the military and civil servants on Sailor’s Day.

The Commander of the Navy, Admiral of Squadron Ilques, affirmed that, despite the adversities caused by Covid-19, important results were achieved, mainly in PROSUB. “In 2020, we are at sea, due to the new coronavirus. However, as always, the tasks of the Navy continued to be accomplished. Sailors, Marines and civil servants remain serene, firm and persevering and, above all, engaged in full support of our society ”. He also highlighted the presence, for the first time in the Submarine Base of Madeira Island, of the USS “Vermont”, Nuclear Propulsion Attack Submarine of the United States Navy, which carried out, in the last days, an operational exercise at sea with the “Tupi” Submarine.

Navy commander during speech

Speaking during the ceremony, the President of ICN, André Portalis, congratulated the ICN team, the industrial partners of PROSUB, the Brazilian Navy and the French Navy, which is supporting the Program. “Nothing would be possible here, today, without the great creativity, motivation, capacity of the Brazilian people. Despite all the difficulties this year, mission accomplished ”.

Personalized stamp and commemorative stamp in honor the integration of the “Tonelero” Submarine

The ceremony also included records of the current stage of assembly of Submarine “Angostura”, the fourth submarine of PROSUB, and of advances in the development of the prototype of the propulsion plant for Submarine “Álvaro Alberto”, the first conventional Brazilian with nuclear propulsion. On that occasion, the Ministry of Communications and the Post Office launched the personalized stamp and commemorative stamp in honor of the integration of the “Tonelero” Submarine.

President of the Republic performs the obliteration, an act that  the new seal officially in circulation

In compliance with the new coronavirus pandemic coping protocols, the ceremony had a reduced number of guests, with live transmission on TV Brasil and the official Navy channel on YouTube.

From the ceremony, in reference to the Day of the Sailor, the words of the Commander of the Navy were relayed, live, simultaneously, to all Naval Districts. “Patriotic, honest, silent and hard work must remain the routine of the men and women of the sea. The example of Tamandaré, based on Rosa das Virtudes, must be a permanent source of inspiration, in order to continue honoring his legacy of dedication in the fulfillment of duty. We choose to defend a nation; patrolling seas, rivers and lakes; encourage scientific research and technological development; To preserve the environment; contribute to national development; take care to the most distant corners; Save lifes; act at sea, on land, in the air and under water. We choose to be Sailors! ”.

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