ARC 7 de Agosto Returns to Cartagena

November 22, 2020 (Google Translation) – This important unit of the Colombian Navy, carried out in 2014 the affirmation of the National Pavilion in the department of San Andrés Isla, starting its security and defense of the maritime interests of the Nation.

After crossing the waters of the Colombian Pacific, the ARC “Bolívar” Naval Base in the city of Cartagena arrived at the dock, the Type OPV ARC “7 de Agosto” Patrol Boat to start the supply and shipment maneuvers of humanitarian aid for the most affected after the passage of hurricane IOTA in the Colombian Caribbean.

More than 50 men make up this crew led by Captain Nelson Andrés Monsalve Agudelo, Commander of the Unit afloat, who will have the honorable responsibility of transporting humanitarian aid donated by the public and private sectors, as well as national institutions. as the National Unit for Risk and Disaster Management -UNGRD- and the Colombian Red Cross, who have coordinated efforts to collect aid for San Andrés and Providencia.

In this way, during this afternoon and the early morning of tomorrow, the enlistment and shipment maneuvers of elements will be carried out, including markets, non-perishable food, 1 ton of water in different presentations, eternit tiles, grooming kits, and this time more than 20 kilos of pet food.

This chain of human and logistical support is made up of business sectors that join this national cause in support of the compatriots of the provincial island.

Tomorrow, Monday, the departure of this important unit afloat of the Colombian Navy is expected, which, within its extensive tour of the seas, supported the efforts to counter piracy at sea during Operation Atalanta and Ocean Shield in the Horn of Africa, contributing to the legal use of maritime communication routes in the African country.

The OPV ARC “7 de Agosto” Type Patrol Boat is one of the 4 largest units of the Colombian Navy that are deployed in the Colombian Caribbean, together with the “Independiente” ARC, “Antioquia” ARC and the “Golfo de Urabá” ARC ”, Which are providing permanent humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the emergency and contributing to the recovery of the Archipelago department.

The Colombian Navy will continue with the deployment of maritime and air units that allow access to humanitarian aid in the island area of ​​the Archipelago department, while inviting citizens to show solidarity through the donation of aid in the collection centers. authorized by the National Government, in order to be transported by the Naval Institution.

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