Project 885 Fires Kalibr at Chizha Training Ground

November 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – Today, the lead ship of the Yasen-M project, the Kazan nuclear-powered missile submarine, has successfully fired the main missile system at the coastal target.

Rocket firing was carried out as part of the final stage of state tests in the White Sea.

The target, located at the Chizha training ground in the Arkhangelsk region at a distance of over 1000 kilometers from the launch point, was successfully hit by the head part of the Kalibr cruise missile.

The ships and vessels of the White Sea naval base of the Northern Fleet were responsible for the protection of the water area and the provision of firing.

The nuclear submarine missile cruiser “Kazan” entered the final stage of state tests on Saturday, November 21, with a full-time crew and an acceptance team on board.

In naval combat training ranges, the cruiser will work out maneuvering on the surface and underwater at different depths, and will also check the main systems of the ship.

During the time at sea, the crew will conduct a series of tests of ship systems and assemblies, as well as ship weapon systems.

After the completion of the entire program of state tests, the Kazan nuclear submarine missile cruiser will be accepted into the Russian Navy.

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