Taiwan Remains Optimistic on Naval Programs

November 18, 2020 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “the Navy is optimistic about the start of the fight, the outside world to take the export license to punch the face” B, the Naval Command said today (18) that the contents of the report are completely inconsistent with the facts, as follows:

1. The National Defense and Intelligence Committee of the House of Supervision inspected the implementation of the submarine project of the Taiwan Shipping Company on September 25 this year, and the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Council carried out an on-site inspection of the Taiwan Shipping Company on October 26, and implemented a confidential report on the submarine-building project in the Legislative Council.

Second, the submarine state-built main contract merchant Taiwan Shipping Company, in accordance with the law to reach the pressure shell section test production, the main and secondary equipment contract, the ship segment manufacturing plant construction of three operating conditions, scheduled to start in late November.

3. The media has failed in its duty of investigation with the intention of undermining the conduct of this case, and the media should uphold social morality, self-respect and social responsibility, so as to avoid misleading the public.

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