UK & France Mark 10 Years of Naval Cooperation

November 4, 2020 (Google Translation) – In 2010, the signing of the Lancaster House agreements structured an already very advanced naval cooperation. For 10 years, France and the United Kingdom have been working on setting up a capability enabling French and British forces to deploy, at low notice, a joint joint expeditionary force CJEF.

2012 and 2015: the Corsican Lion exercises form a 1st stage, followed by the joint Catamaran training in 2018, mainly amphibious.

2019: Exercise Griffin Strike marks a milestone, demonstrating the ability of the maritime component to operate in all areas of warfare.

Regarding armament, the treaty made it possible to initiate cooperation in the field of mine warfare of the future, through the use of surface drones and submarines and to develop the strategic program of the future anti-ship missile / cruise.

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