Spain Deploys Cristobal Colon to SNMG2

November 4, 2020 – Today the farewell ceremony for the frigate Cristóbal Colón (F-105) took place at the Ferrol Arsenal, which was chaired by the Commander of the 31st Surface Squadron, Captain Santiago Vila Barrón. Due to the current situation of COVID-19, the act has been developed under a strict series of prevention measures.

Christopher Columbus plans to arrive in a week at the Mediterranean port of Souda (Greece), where she will relieve herself with the frigate Álvaro de Bazán and embark the General Staff of the Grouping, currently under the command of Spanish Rear Admiral Manuel Aguirre. The F-105 will act as a command ship throughout its deployment, in which it will carry out exercises, operations and naval presence throughout the Mediterranean, until April.

During its integration, the F-105 will contribute to operations by providing a high capacity for defense and aerial detection thanks to its AEGIS combat system and the SPY-1D (V) multifunction radar.

The SNMG-2 is a permanent maritime group of NATO in which naval units of the different allies are integrated. From last June, until next July 1, 2021, Spain holds the command of the group that falls to the Spanish rear admiral Manuel Aguirre. The function of the Group is to provide NATO with an immediate operational reaction capacity in naval scenarios. The Navy has maintained its presence in these groups for more than thirty years.

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