Zhangbogo-III Batch-II Submarine Delivery Scheduled for 2026

September 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Defense Business Agency (Cheongchang Wang Chung-hong) announced that from October this year to the first half of next year, it will be in the production of prototypes for proof-of-test lithium-ion batteries for the deployment of Zhang Bogo-Batch-I-Submarine.

The Zhangbogo-III Batch-II submarine (3,600 tons) will be delivered to the Navy in 2026 by applying lithium-ion batteries for the first time in order to increase its core performance, submarine time.

* Batch (Batch) is a term that applies to the trap that takes a long time to build the homogeneity (class) trap, the speed of the technology is fast or power.

The lithium-ion battery under development is expected to significantly improve the underwater continuous navigation and high-speed maneuvering time than conventional lead-based batteries, extend the life span by more than twice, and have advantages in terms of convenience, such as maintenance, which is expected to significantly increase the combat capacity of the submarine.

“Korea has the world’s best technology in the field of large-capacity lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage devices, batch-ion batteries are still under development, but joint development and technical cooperation inquiries from other countries are receiving great attention, such as coming.

“Batch-Ion batteries are carrying out research and development, taking into account the characteristics of submarines that are sealed spaces underwater, ensuring safety and reliability, rather than cost-effectiveness.”

The lithium-ion batteries applied to submarines were designed to enhance safety than civilian sands. The hardware reflected the high voltage insulation reinforcement design, and introduced an additional device that quickly shuts off the accident current in short circuit. The software has enhanced the design for isolating monitoring and detecting and blocking accident currents.

“The search development of the submarine internal fire and immersion was set a harsh test environment, such as flame test (800°), seawater immersion test (1 hour) for the lithium-ion battery to prevent it from exploding in the submarine internal fire and immersion situation, the performance of the lithium battery module in accordance with the internationally recognized standards through the proof test to ensure safety and reliability.

“Before the lithium-ion battery is mounted on a submarine, it will be equipped with additional performance and safety at a submarine-like land test site.

“By successfully developing lithium-ion batteries for submarines, we can capture two rabbits that “further enhance submarine performance and underwater combat capability”, and “secure the competitiveness of large-capacity lithium-ion battery technology,” and it is expected that we will be able to gain an edge in future submarine exports, given the global competitiveness of lithium-ion batteries in Korea. He said. > End >

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