GABIAN 20.3 – The Toulon surface fleet in operational training

September 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – From September 14 to 18, 2020, nearly 1,200 sailors participated in the Gabian 20.3 operational training conducted by the naval action force (ALFAN) off the Var coast,

It is in the Mediterranean exercise area (ZONEX), that a dozen surface vessels, as well as aircraft from the naval aeronautics and the Air Force were jointly trained during this exercise.

During these 5 days at sea, the scenarios followed one another at a sustained and almost continuous pace: exercises in the different areas of struggle, asymmetric threats, electronic warfare, artillery fire, supplies at sea, training of teams of visit, winching by helicopter as well as major fictitious disasters.

The objective of this deployment is to train the crews by reproducing conditions as close as possible to reality, and thus allow the sailors to prepare jointly for their future operational missions. It is also a means of maintaining and developing the individual and collective know-how of the sailors of each of these combat units.

The participating units
Surface buildings: FDA Chevalier Paul, FDA Forbin, FREMM Auvergne, FAA Jean Bart, FLF Surcouf, BCR Var, CMT Lyre, CMT Orion, CMT Capricorne, BSAM Loire, BBPD Achéron, BBPD Pluton.
Naval aeronautics: Flotillas 31F (Caïman Marine), 35F (Dauphin), 36F (Panther), 21F (Atlantique 2) and 11F (Rafale Marine).
Air Force: 3rd fighter squadron of Nancy (Mirages 2000D).

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