Naval tactical C4I performance improvement business development success

September 7, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Director Wang Jeong-hong) announced that it has greatly strengthened the command and control capabilities of the Navy by successfully completing the Naval Tactical C4I performance improvement project through research and development led by the company (Ssangyong Information and Communication).

Naval tactical C4I shares the tactical situation between units and combatants through a surveillance and reconnaissance system centered on naval operators and interlocks with each military C4I, and supports rational decision-making by commanders to ensure operational success through real-time command and control. Perform.
* C4I: Means Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence

Since 2004, the Navy has built and operated four systems, including the Naval Tactical Data Processing System (KNTDS), the Navy Command and Control System (KNCCS), the Digital Specialized Processing System (DMHS), and the real-time text network. Problems such as obsolescence, obsolescence of information processing and security technology, and deterioration of efficiency due to distributed operation of the command and control system have emerged. To compensate for this, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration conducted a performance improvement project by investing KRW 147.2 billion for 60 months from August 2015 to August 20.

The improved naval tactics C4I has significantly improved the command and control capability to operate the situation map in which all information is integrated from one terminal by integrating the four systems that were operated as separate systems into one system.

In particular, the existing system was operated as a single type without considering the environment of each unit, but after the performance improvement, it was customized or lightweight according to each unit’s mission. The target processing capacity has also been expanded by more than three times, and the operability and efficiency of the command and control function have been optimized, such as real-time propagation and sharing of 3D high-speed ballistic missile targets.

The main infrastructure network and equipment were duplicated, and when the main command post function was restricted, it was possible to switch the reserve command post within 4 hours to 10 minutes. The vertical structure of the upper and lower units was designed in a horizontal structure to ensure stable system operability that enables real-time command and control without interruption even in the event of an intermediate unit failure.

In addition, in order to cope with the recent increasing security threats, from the design stage, security measures to prevent hacking and the latest security solutions were applied, and all operating unit terminals were configured to be remotely controlled in real time.

Director of Command, Control and Communication Business Division of Defense Acquisition Program Administration (high-level civil servant Kim Tae-gon) said, “The performance improvement of Naval Tactical C4I was developed with pure domestic technology, making it easy to support subsequent logistics, and the scalability of IT technology to meet the changing 4th industrial era. It is expected to contribute greatly to exhibiting the best fighting power as it is equipped with.”

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