RFS Aleksandr Otrakovsky Returns from the Arctic

September 9, 2020 (Google Translation) – Today the large landing ship “Aleksandr Otrakovsky” arrived at the main base of the Northern Fleet – the city of Severomorsk from the Arctic cruise. For a month, he operated as part of the Arctic group of the Northern Fleet in the Barents and Kara Seas and in the Yenisei River. Took part in the amphibious assault landing on the Yenisei River near the port of Dudinka.

Together with the sea minesweeper “Vladimir Gumanenko”, the large landing craft “Aleksandr Otrakovsky” left the Arctic group on September 5 and made the transition to the main basing point. Before arriving at the base, the Aleksandr Otrakovsky large landing craft delivered equipment and personnel of the Marine Corps and a motorized rifle brigade to the Pechenga Bay of the Barents Sea, where he approached the coast and unloaded T-80BVM tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military equipment.

During the Arctic cruise, the large landing craft “Alexander Otrakovsky” covered more than 3000 nautical miles. He worked out an exercise in the air defense of a detachment of ships and vessels at sea crossing, and also performed artillery firing at sea targets as part of the ongoing combat training activities.

At the berth in Severomorsk, the ship was met by the chief of staff of the Kola flotilla of various forces of the Northern Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Ildar Akhmerov. He congratulated the commander and crew on the successful completion of the assigned tasks of the Arctic campaign and return home.

The campaign of the large landing craft “Aleksandr Otrakovsky” lasted 35 days.

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