Cyprus, Greece, Italy and France Conduct Exercise QUAD-EUNOMIA 2020

August 31, 2020 (Google Translation) – From August 26th to 28th, in southwestern Cyprus, the inter-allied air-maritime activity QUAD-EUNOMIA 2020 took place. This large-scale mutual training aims to enhance the attachment of France and its allies. respect for international maritime law in the region. The Quadripartite initiative is the realization of a joint multilateral initiative of the Republic of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and France.

In order to strengthen cooperation and interoperability between their maritime and air forces, the four countries of the initiative have deployed buildings with their helicopters but also fighter planes. So present were the patrol vessel Ioannides (Cyprus), a Cypriot AW-139 , the frigate HS Kountouriotis and its helicopter SH-60 (Greece), the frigate Luigi Durand de la Penne and its helicopter SH-60 (Italy), and the frigate La Fayette and his Panther helicopter. Four Greek F-16s and three French Rafales also took part in this activity.

Throughout these three days, the means deployed carried out various exercises such as tactical evolutions in a constituted force (EVOLEX) or search operations for castaways (Search And Rescue (SAR)). In the latter case, the “castaways”, simulated by mannequins, were located and then recovered by each of the participants who had previously launched a rescue plan in a delimited search area. The French frigate La Fayette and the Cypriot patrol vessel OPV Ioannides carried out cross-simulation activities for visiting suspect buildings (VISITEX). The visiting teams from both sides were thus able to go to the other allied building in order to practice their investigation and security techniques.

The presence of Rafale and F-16s made it possible to improve the anti-aircraft defense of naval units through ADEX exercises (air defense exercises) but to strengthen cooperation between naval units and the air component. The hunters also took the opportunity to carry out air combat simulations or GBAD ( Ground based air defense) exercises .

In summary, these activities carried out in an area of ​​strategic interest illustrate the participants’ commitment to respect for international maritime law. The latter were thus able to increase their mutual knowledge, share good practices and validate common operating methods.

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