Project 1992 Aleksander Anischenko Launched in Blagoveshchensk

August 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – At the October Revolution Shipyard in Blagoveshchensk (Amur Region) a large hydrographic boat “Aleksander Anischenko” of Project 19920 was launched. The vessel is intended for the Pacific Fleet.

During the launch, a traditional ritual of good luck was performed with breaking a bottle of champagne on a steel case. This is the fifth vessel of the same type, which the shipyard began producing in 2010. A year and a half has passed since the ship was laid. Further, it will be transferred to the outfitting base in the seaport, final construction works, tests and commissioning are to be carried out. The transfer of a large hydrographic boat to the Pacific Fleet is planned for 2021.

The construction of the small hydrographic vessel “Vasily Bubnov” continues on the slipway of the Blagoveshchensk shipyard, the schedule for the implementation of the state defense order is being observed.

Large hydrographic boat of project 19920 “Baklan” is a single-deck boat with a continuous main deck. The boats of this project are intended for performing hydrographic and pilot work in coastal areas, reconnaissance of the water route, surveying the bottom relief, setting and maintaining floating aids to navigation equipment and other works. Also, boats can be used to deliver scientific groups and special equipment up to 15 tons to the unequipped coast.

Full speed of the boat – up to 11.5 knots. The cruising range reaches 1000 nautical miles. Seaworthiness – up to 5 points. Crew – 11 people.