As soon as its operational upgrade (RANO) was confirmed, the metropolitan support and assistance vessel (BSAM) Loire , crew B, went off Corsica and the Gulf of Lion, for a mission to State action at sea for twelve days for the benefit of the maritime prefect of the Mediterranean.

During this maritime surveillance mission (SURMAR), the patrols of the Loire made it possible to affirm the French military presence in our territorial waters, as well as to set up coastal surveillance. In coordination with the local semaphores, the Loire carried out fisheries police actions, surveillance of protected maritime areas and natural parks. This is how he patrolled the national parks of Lavezzi and Calanques de Marseille. As the BSAM has rescue and maritime protection capabilities, this patrol along the Corsican and metropolitan coast will also have ensured a reassuring presence for all maritime activities in our coastal area.

In addition, a stopover in Civitavecchia made it possible to strengthen diplomatic ties with Italy. Indeed, it was the opportunity for privileged international exchanges, organized by the Defense mission of the French Embassy in Italy, visits on board, official ceremony as well as the presentation of the bronze medal of national defense to Captain Italian corvette Luis Carlos Fino by Defense Attaché.