Russian Pacific Fleet Trains in Seabed Operations

August 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – The rescue forces of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka during the exercise worked out rendering assistance to an emergency submarine lying on the ground

In Avacha Bay, off the coast of Kamchatka, a special tactical exercise was held for the duty forces of the emergency rescue detachment of the Troops and Forces in the North-East of Russia. The topic of the exercise was to practice practical actions when providing assistance to an emergency submarine lying on the ground, as well as maintaining the life of its crew.

The rescue vessel “Georgy Kozmin”, with a deep-sea rescue vehicle on board, went to sea to solve the problems.

In the exercise area, the AS-30 deep-sea vehicle was launched from the carrier vessel into the water and sank at a given point. The crew of the apparatus searched for a mock-up of the coaming platform of the “emergency” submarine, located at a depth of about 50 meters, examined it and fixed itself on the mock-up stand. Further, during the training, the aquanauts worked out the connection of the crew’s life support systems to the connectors on the “submarine” hull and the withdrawal of the crew of the conditionally emergency submarine, after which they undocked the apparatus and ascend.

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