KRI Tanjung Kambani Enters Refit in Batam

July 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – After carrying out military maritime operations, KRI Tanjung Kambani-971, warships in the ranks of the Military Naval Command (Kolinlamil) carry out maintenance and maintenance of ships in the PT Batamec Shipyard Shipyard, Batam, Saturday (25/7).

Maintenance and maintenance this time is a Short Maintenance Period (SMP), which is a routine agenda that has been scheduled by the Kolinlamil Ship Maintenance and Repair Agency (Disharkap) in order to maintain the readiness of the ship or Kolinlamil elements in dealing with operational tasks.

“The aim is to prepare the ship as well as possible so that the ship can carry out military sea transportation operations as much as possible,” said KRI Tanjung Kambani 971 Lieutenant Colonel (P) Masrurun Commander.
It can be said that SMP is a medium-scale ship maintenance and maintenance activity, while daily maintenance activities are the duties and responsibilities of all KRI Tanjung Kambani 971 soldiers under the coordination of the Implementing Officer (Palaksa). “Maintenance and maintenance carried out routinely and measurably can make a ship that will always be ready to carry out various operations,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Masrurun.

Maintenance and maintenance of the ship is carried out according to schedule, with the agenda of activities including hull maintenance, bow maintenance, underwater care (BGA) and other maintenance.

For hulls which include painting the hull from stamping to painting the bow, right hull, left hull to the stern.

In another part, KRI Tanjung Kambani 971 Commander also said that this activity was in line with the call of the Indonesian Military Commander in Chief, Admiral Abdul Rasyid, SE, MM, so that the warship crew members were obliged to maintain and maintain optimal condition of the overall ship.

Thus the KRI is always in a state ready and prime for use in the Military Operation War (OMP) and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP) Navy.

Historically, KRI Tanjung Kambani-971 was previously named Dong Yang number 6, which was made at the Sanuki Lecturer Co Ltd Japan Shipyard and was launched in March 1982 as a civilian passenger carrier. In 2000 this ship was modified to become a personnel transport ship and entered the ranks of the Indonesian Republic warships. Ship modification was carried out at Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering Ci Shipyard. Ltd. Pusan, South Korea for approximately six months from May 1 to November 9, 2000.
To this modification was added a helipad without hangars, some 20 mm and 35 mm light weapons, as well as changes in some room functions to accommodate more troops. KRI Tanjung Kambani officially entered the ranks of the Republic of Indonesia Battleships starting from November 10, 2000 with an inauguration ceremony conducted at the Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering dock. Ltd. Pusan ​​by Major General (Ret.) Abdul Ghani, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Korea.

KRI Tanjung Kambani has a length of 114.50 meters and a width of 19.80 meters and a depth of 6.00 meters. The 7,138.9 tons deadweight personnel ship has a maximum speed of 13 knots with the number of crew members according to DSPP (List of Equipment and Personnel Arrangements) of 119 people. While the ideal transport capacity of KRI Tanjung Kambani is a 460-bed capacity, 6.8 tons of Hellycopter, 20.83 tons of cargo with 15 days endurance. Under certain conditions, Tanjung Kambani can transport 1,500 people, cargo 23.6 tons with endurance at the same time. While loading the vehicle space owned by KRI Tanjung Kambani can transport 38 units of Reo trucks, 45 light trucks, HIACE 65 units and 60 sedans.