Mission Jeanne d’Arc Trains with Italian Navy

June 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – From 16 to 18 June 2020, the helicopter carrier Mistral amphibious and kind Lafayette frigate Guépratte attended advanced training period Addestramento Repa di rto of the Italian Navy in the Gulf of Taranto, the benefit of the carrier battle group Italian. No less than seven vessels were engaged, including the aircraft carrier Cavour and four first-class Italian frigates.

For three days, the vessels trained jointly in the various areas of struggle: anti-surface, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine. The training also included crossed aviation maneuvers with one of the Gazelle of the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment of the army and a Merlin helicopter of the Italian Navy. In addition, the days of exercise were punctuated by maneuver training with presentations for refueling at sea and tactical evolutions in built-up force. The interaction ended with a mooring formation off the coast of Taranto.

The participation of the Jeanne d’Arc group in this national training for the Italian Navy has made it possible to strengthen interoperability with one of our main partners in the Mediterranean. The two countries are also members of the European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR), with Spain and Portugal, under French command since September 19, 2019.

At the end of these three days of training, the detachment of the Italian MH90 helicopter and its 14 crew members, who boarded the Mistral for the Joan of Arc mission on February 27, joined Italy and their home port.

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